Setting up a garden can be done in such a way, so it becomes playground for wild birds. Sarah is a naturalist who finds the beauty of mother earth so fascinating that she want to preserve nature as much as possible.


Unlike the urban citizen who grew isolated in an air-conditioned room while playing gaming consoles, Sarah grew up in province. By 4 am, they would feed the chickens and milk the cows for a fresh delivery before the day welcomes in. During the afternoon, she would prepare a vegetable soup and grilled fish with coconut juice at hand.


Afterwards, the house would be solemn to observe the 6 pm novena prayer, that she would lead sometimes. With the kind of childhood Sarah had experienced, it is no wonder why she loved nature so much.


Now that she is entering her mid-thirties with two beautiful daughter to live for, Sarah bought a house and tried to set up a garden.

As she filled every corner with Roses, tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums, and orchids, birds came to visit them. Her Single tree bench added to the refreshing ambiance it gives. So here are do-it-yourself ideas to create bird feeders.


  1. Tree house feeder. You must saw four pieces of rectangular plywood for the wall. Then add another two for the roof. This tree house will be placed beside a trunk so that it is elevated enough for birds. The base of the tree house must be large enough to become the pavement where feeds will be scattered thoroughly.
  2. Gnome feeder. With a gnome figurine, find a bowl shaped metal then use glue gun to stick it to its hands. You can add design and paint the bowl according to the gnomes outfit.
  3. Cage feeder. To domesticate wild birds, you can intentional trap them to a cage feeder. It is as big as that of dog cage and can be set up with roofs and stick barrels for bird stands. The feeder will come in plastic cups that is customized with the cage walls.


Therefore making birdfeeders don’t have to cost much. With the ideas enumerated previously, surely people will have nature-friendly garden that can sustain birds.