Randy is a Pot Maker that has learned the hard way. Pot making has been the reason why they successful paid the loan for their house. It has been a family business that was consistently passed from Randy’s great grandfather until now. So it is no wonder that Randy underwent to strict training at an early age. By six o’clock in the morning, he would gather wood planks with his father. These planks must be thick enough because it will sustain the kiln while baking pots. After the morning stroll, he would ax the planks into pieces and bundle them up at least a dozen.


Next, he would observe his grandfather after lunch. The mud is piled up on a circular base that rotates accordingly. While it is wet, his grandfather would mold the pot slowly. Randy did it himself after two weeks. He molded a three foot pot with funnel shape and pointed beak. So it was baked afterwards and he was so excited to exhibit it until something happens. Randy accidentally slip through the wet pavement and his work was shattered into pieces. To encourage the sagging morale of the teenager, his grandfather picked up the pieces and made it a garden design.


To help people reuse broken pots, here are some tips for creative garden ideas for broken pots. The list below shall help both gardener and potter to use pots again.


  • pots for containers. You can use broken pots for containers so that there will be added storage for gardening tools like hand forks or shovels. You must be mindful to attach wires on it so there will be frames for a hanging design.


  • pots for mini garden. You must collect pots that has base frames remaining on it. And then fill it in with pebbles or gravels so the surface would be up for design. Overlay it with small plants on a pot like cactus or bonsai trees. Lastly, you can apply layers on rocks to make it look full.


Therefore, people can save up money without throwing away broken pots beforehand. The list given above shall encourage them to be resourceful again.



Garden art is a form of self expression for people who are inclined to gardening. Through decorating flowers and landscaping a plot, they communicate the theme that inspired them most. Some of the best garden arts are of fictional themes. It is usual to see gardens with gnome statues as if playing around. We can also infer that these theme inspirations come from folklore and mythologies where people of old believed that there are spirits in nature. In fact, ethnic groups respect them so much that they would offer the blood of animals while conducting ritual dances to cast away bad spirits. Therefore garden arts can become culturally significant. For its fictional design portray a set of beliefs people used to have.


However, if people fail to design their garden, it will most likely become a garbage dump or junk storage where a part of the house exterior heap piles of rusting items left at once. Once left neglected, these junk piles can be a breeding ground for rodents like rats, wasps, mosquitoes, or even snake. Therefore people should convert their junkyard into an artistic garden for health and environmental concerns too.


To help gardeners set up beautiful plots with single theme that speaks of their personality and are eco-friendly; here are some tips for do-it-yourself garden art ideas that’ll get them going in no time.


  • Rock formations. Collect rocks with different color shades and sizes. Bring out the glue gun and some wood planks or wire frames. Stack the rocks to create fountains then glue it with the materials. Use wires or planks to support it.


  • Dwarf garden. You can buy mushroom figurines and dwarf figurines to achieve this theme. After collecting enough, decorate each item according to your preferred gnome quarters.


  • Classic woods. Unlike natural and fictional theme, classic woods include much of mahogany colored tables and chairs and tool cabinets. Observe minimalist design to put up classic woods successfully.


Therefore, the tips listed earlier are great ideas to set up gardens. Be sure to explore more designs by searching the internet and sharing ideas to other gardeners too.


Rain chain is a home decoration that has pioneered at ancient Japanese temples to anticipate downpours and guide them to drainage properly. It is made up of different metal chains that are intertwined vertically at the edge of roof guards. Rain chain is best decorated for box type houses like that of Japanese residential architecture where Chinese temples have been the prime inspiration it has based upon. For other Japanese houses, these rain chains are connected to fish ponds so that the downpours circulate well onto Nature-theme residence.


There are many ways to set up your own rain chains without spending too much. In fact, with sheer imaginations and resourcefulness, surely you can improvise unique rain chains that has never been done before.


To help people you create rain chains, here are do-it-yourself ideas that only needs the cheapest items at home.

  • Bucket rain chain. You must collect at least eight identical buckets and a chain. First you have to make a hole at the bottom of the buckets and slip in the chain. Make sure to place the bucket upward so the down pouring will take time before filling the ground.


  • Funnel rain chains. Again collect at least eight identical funnels and a chain. Since the funnel has holes already, all you need to do is slip them in and add nails to separate each funnel accordingly.


  • Pine cone rain chains. Collect pines. You must dry them up for at least three days so that it will become hard enough for longer use. Once dry, cut the upper and lower portions of the exterior wall to make an opening. You must slip the chain through and add nails to separate them.


  • Copper ring rain chains. Unlike pine cone and funnels, you must collect at least two rings per chain level. So you had to have twenty chains to create a long rain chain. First slip the two rings on another two then do it again until it becomes lengthy. At last, attach it to the roof drainage to make it work.


  • Spoon and fork rain chains. Use spoon and fork by bending them down and forming tins to attach them together. Use glue guns to make it stronger and go for at least a dozen. It is a good design for restaurant.

Therefore with the list given earlier, surely people can set up rain chains that will enhance the garden or house vicinity. So be creative enough and constantly search the internet for other ideas.


Leah loves gardening. She used to put many decorations like butterfly stands and figurine gnomes atop the wooden table with swing benches and lamp post.


But Leah had experience bad times in gardening too. A fierce storm raged their house when they were out of town last year. Houses collapsed into nothingness and garden was almost one hundred percent lost. But remained firm on her passion,  she resolved to set up a new one again after they finally settled into a new residence. She come up to decorate stones as primary garden material. And it turned out so well.

GC 10

To help other people, here are some tips for garden decorations using stones. First, it is definitely cheaper and the materials can be found anywhere. So get ready for the list.


  • Stone paths. You have to pick up large and medium sized stones with at least 6 inch by 4 inch. You can cement a path perimeter so it will be patterned evenly. After drying the cement, you can now place the stones evenly.


  • Stone wall. first you must overlay a wall with cement and then you can put stones. it is good if you choose stones with related shades, for instance from grey to black. For greater design, you can outline mural design and use stones to decorate it.


  • Stone bench. Use metal bench as frame basis for cement. you must choose large stones that have smooth surface so the bench would be best for sitting.


  • Stone markers. You can paint the stones white or black then pile it up according to your preferred design.
  • Stone fountains. the base stones should be large enough so other stones can pile up on it.

Therefore the list enumerated above will help those people with gardening hobby to set up their stone-themed garden. Be sure to be resourceful to search for high quality stones that are best for decorations.