Gardening is an enjoyable interaction with mother nature. Through custom designs, people are allowed to decorate gardens and express themselves using this hobby. They come up with different kinds of plants like vines, orchids, flowers, weeds, and vegetables. Also people put up Gnomes figurine on a fish pond garden to add to the authenticity of the design. Gardening not only involves pots, watering cans, shovels, and forks, it also needs benches.


As much as possible,a Garden has to serve for the comfort of its owner. So people usually set up a place where they can drink coffee in the morning and reflect on life while sitting alone for a me time.


Benches are great for gardens. With proper bench design that will portray the theme a gardener has chosen, surely itwill become a favorite spot for pastime.

To help gardeners choose the style that would suit them well, here are some tips for Backyard garden benches.


  • Swing. The swing bench is a set of chair with swing design like those in playground where the sit is moving back and forth according to the weight of a person. It will need spacious garden that should be made out of steel bars and metal frame.


  • Planter. The planter bench is a board type chair where the edges are cut circular so it can mount flowerpots. It is best for medium size garden and the material is best used out of wood planks.


  • Headboard. The headboard bench is a chair with bed headboard body so it looks like mini bed. It is a recycled headboard made for medium size garden where the materials depend on its original design.
  • Single tree. The single tree bench is the square size chair with circular hole in the middle so it is placed on a trunk. It is good for large size garden and the bench design allows gardener to experience cottage-like garden because of the tree shades.


  • Dresser. Like the headboard bench, a dresser bench is made out of used dresser where a chair is customized to serve as garden design. Its compartment is a handy companion for people who use fertilizers and are up to detailed gardening with many tools.

The list given previously will surely help gardeners to choose the right bench design that will express themselves. Also, they can look up to magazines or on the Internet for other bench ideas at hand. With rich creativity, people can set up unique garden like no other.