Rain chain is a home decoration that has pioneered at ancient Japanese temples to anticipate downpours and guide them to drainage properly. It is made up of different metal chains that are intertwined vertically at the edge of roof guards. Rain chain is best decorated for box type houses like that of Japanese residential architecture where Chinese temples have been the prime inspiration it has based upon. For other Japanese houses, these rain chains are connected to fish ponds so that the downpours circulate well onto Nature-theme residence.


There are many ways to set up your own rain chains without spending too much. In fact, with sheer imaginations and resourcefulness, surely you can improvise unique rain chains that has never been done before.


To help people you create rain chains, here are do-it-yourself ideas that only needs the cheapest items at home.

  • Bucket rain chain. You must collect at least eight identical buckets and a chain. First you have to make a hole at the bottom of the buckets and slip in the chain. Make sure to place the bucket upward so the down pouring will take time before filling the ground.


  • Funnel rain chains. Again collect at least eight identical funnels and a chain. Since the funnel has holes already, all you need to do is slip them in and add nails to separate each funnel accordingly.


  • Pine cone rain chains. Collect pines. You must dry them up for at least three days so that it will become hard enough for longer use. Once dry, cut the upper and lower portions of the exterior wall to make an opening. You must slip the chain through and add nails to separate them.


  • Copper ring rain chains. Unlike pine cone and funnels, you must collect at least two rings per chain level. So you had to have twenty chains to create a long rain chain. First slip the two rings on another two then do it again until it becomes lengthy. At last, attach it to the roof drainage to make it work.


  • Spoon and fork rain chains. Use spoon and fork by bending them down and forming tins to attach them together. Use glue guns to make it stronger and go for at least a dozen. It is a good design for restaurant.

Therefore with the list given earlier, surely people can set up rain chains that will enhance the garden or house vicinity. So be creative enough and constantly search the internet for other ideas.