Wasp proliferation can ruin even the most beautiful garden. Bea was invited by Carlo for a study session last week. Carlo admired Bea since he was third grade. There was one time when Carlo almost failed on the Final Examination if not for Bea who tutored her effortlessly. He started to look after her after that sweet gesture Bea didn’t realize. So Carlo had the chance to go beyond friendship now, and he grabbed it at once.


By 7 p.m., the group finished their third session, discussing most of the Postulates and Theorems that make a straight line bound into certain rules. After the long day, Carlo invited Bea for a walk at their garden. it was a perfect moment. She was holding a cup of green tea while sitting on a swing bench beside her childhood friend with overlooking view that allows them to wander off the vast metropolitan at a glance. until such time when Bea leaned on Carlo’s shoulder but it was shattered with great commotion after shout. A yellow jacket entered Bea’s ear that she found herself at the Emergency Room later that night.


to help people control wasp proliferation, here are some tips for a do-it-yourself solutions using affordable items that can be found around the house.

  • Wasp saucer. Pour out an ample amount of oil on a plastic plate then swing it over to flying wasps. The wasps will be caught by oil so that they won’t escape the plate when it hit them. this simple solution is also effective for mosquitoes and flies,


  • Casa sugar bottle. Cut the bottle into half. You must pour out a casa sugar at the bottom portion of the bottle for at least two thirds. Next, for the tip part, flip it over then place it inside the other half so it forms a funnel. The wasps will be trapped at the funnel when they are sipping over casa sugar. Be sure to add space between the mouthpiece and the liquid solution.


  • Paper bag intimidater. Wasps are insects that has behavioral tendency to be territorial. when they see hives near their nest, they would migrate to other places and build up again. this paper bag trick acts as dummy nest to intimidate wasps colony away. Therefore it is a psych ward you want to go out triumphant.


Therefore gardeners must set up wasp controls given above that will surely make their place safe. So people can try the solutions here and eliminate insects at once.