Creative garden broken pot ideas

Creative garden broken pot ideas

Every day you come across the broken pot ideas through Instagram, Pinterest, or other social platforms.

One fine day my favorite Pot accidentally slips through my hands, and Pot shattered into pieces. To encourage myself, I picked up the pieces and made it a garden design.

Nowadays the garden is a must for the a home. I see everyday plots are braking and I came across this problem very often so here are some Creative Broken Pot Ideas…….

To help people reuse broken pots ideas, here are some tips for creative garden ideas for broken pots. The list below shall help both gardener and potter to use pots again.

  • pots for containers. You can use broken pots for containers so that there will be added storage for gardening tools like hand forks or shovels. You must be mindful of attaching wires on it, so there will be frames for a hanging design.
  • Pots for a mini garden. It would be best if you collected pots that have base frames remaining on it. And then fill it in with pebbles or gravels so the surface would be up for design. Overlay it with small plants on a pot like cactus or bonsai trees. Lastly, you can apply layers on rocks to make it look full.

Therefore, people can save up money without throwing away broken pots beforehand. The list given above shall encourage them to be resourceful again.

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