Garden art is a form of self-expression for people who are inclined to gardening. Through decorating flowers and landscaping a plot, they communicate the theme that inspired them most. Some of the best garden arts are of fictional themes. It is usual to see gardens with gnome statues as if playing around. We can also infer that these theme inspirations come from folklore and mythologies where people of old believed that there are spirits in nature. In fact, ethnic groups respect them so much that they would offer the blood of animals while conducting ritual dances to cast away bad spirits. Therefore garden arts can become culturally significant. For its fictional design portray a set of beliefs people used to have.

However, if people fail to design their garden, it will most likely become a garbage dump or junk storage where a part of the house exterior heap piles of rusting items left at once. Once left neglected, these junk piles can be a breeding ground for rodents like rats, wasps, mosquitoes, or even snake. Therefore people should convert their junkyard into an artistic garden for health and environmental concerns too.

To help gardeners set up beautiful plots with single theme that speaks of their personality and are eco-friendly; here are some tips for do-it-yourself garden art ideas that’ll get them going in no time.

1. Rock formations. 

Collect rocks with different color shades and sizes. Bring out the glue gun and some wood planks or wireframes. Stack the rocks to create fountains then glue it with the materials. Use wires or planks to support it.

2. Dwarf garden. 

You can buy mushroom figurines and dwarf figurines to achieve this theme. After collecting enough, decorate each item according to your preferred gnome quarters.

3.Classic woods. 

Unlike natural and fictional themes, classic woods include much of mahogany-colored tables and chairs and tool cabinets. Observe minimalist design to put up classic woods successfully.

Therefore, the tips listed earlier are great ideas to set up gardens. Be sure to explore more designs by searching the internet and sharing ideas to other gardeners too.