Money saving gardening tricks

Money saving gardening tricks

Money saving gardening tricks

Gardening is a hobby not all people can excel on. Diana loves to plant and water her Dad’s vegetables at the backyard. However, the plant would usually drown, and it would die later on. She felt sad because of what happened until her Dad’s word brought her back to composure “Diana, I know your good intentions, but you are routine obsessed to see them grow fast. You water them more than thrice a day. That’s not the way it goes. Although some people have green thumbs, all gardeners need patience and heart. Talk to your plants. Wait for them to grow with such love and positivism. And then you will see them bloom with beautiful flowers. Everything has its own time. All you need is patience.”

Diana had a changed heart after that conversation. Now she is anticipating seeing her Roses and Daisies grow into full maturity.

She also learned to think about alternative ways to save up money for gardening so she can invest in fertilizers and gardening tools for longer use.

To help other people who love gardening reuse common household items for their hobby, here are some tricks for gardening.

  1. Use soda cans as a watering container.

    All you have to do is to hammer a hole using nails at the bottom of the soda can to create a small watering tool. Be careful not to punch in too many holes so you can control the water output as it begins to water plants.Money saving gardening tricks

  2. Use paint cans as pots. 

    With the same procedure when creating a watering container, punch small holes on paint cans then fill it in with loam soil up to the brim. For added design, you can use sandpaper to scratch off the surface design then paint it with bold colours like green or red, according to your preferred choice.Money saving gardening tricks

  3. Chisel wooden stick as hand fork.

    Hand fork is used to cultivate the soil so the roots can breathe evenly. Using rectangular wood, chisel out a fork that has two tins, thereby creating an inverted letter Y. So you can enhance your tool by using a rubber bundle to wrap it into the handle part of the Fork.

  4. Use food scraps to prepare good soil. 

    With your paint cans now holed in, remove some soil up to half of it. Place the scrap foods, especially Orange and Banana peels then add soils again so it will be buried. Wait until two weeks so it will decompose thoroughly, and you should add worms as well. This fertilizing technique will enrich the soil with minerals that the plant needs.Money saving gardening tricks

  5. Use egg crates for bean sprouting. 

    An example of bean sprout is the Mango seeds. Usually made out of hardened paper, egg crates have to be filled with soil. You can now start planting after each crate is already

The list enumerated above shall help gardeners to recycle common household items that are usually dumped away to garbage. With resourcefulness and constant research for gardening tricks, surely people can make money.

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